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Yingying, Jul 01, 2019

This place is HUGE. Lots of offerings, there is also a food court there. Within the hypermarket, there is also a bakery. The bread is quite nice. Can take the free shuttle bus from tampines. But it would be better if you drive cause the carpark is just located outside of the hypermarket. Very convenient if you have lots of groceries.

Daphane Yeo, Jun 29, 2019

Sell almost everything that u required in the household. Food. Drinks. Meat Vegetable Can food Electronic stuff Stationery Bbq stuff Ice cream. A good court located inside the supermarket. Best of all, parking is FREE

Angelika B, Jun 13, 2019

Giant at Tampines has the best sushi in Singapore! No kidding. Fresh fish, perfectly seasoned rice. Usually cheaper after 7-8pm. Their onigiri is also way better than the one at Seven Eleven. Cheers!

Sadayan Maideen, Jun 03, 2019

Love this hypermart with literally everything you need and great prices! Usually done after Ikea next door. Free parking as well! Don't abuse this please....

Beckham L, Jun 03, 2019

Huge place. Parking lots are affordable. They sell a large variety of products, fruits, electronics, furniture, plants ornaments, you name it, they have it. They have many counters opened so don't worry about the queue.

tonto calie, May 23, 2019

Very spacious to move around lots of household items to get. Most important free parking

Hakim Moharudin, May 14, 2019

A One-stop shopping experience with free parking! Also, I went to the Hypermart on Ramadan period, it is heartening to see that they have so graciously prepared for the Muslims some dates and drinks. Nice touch, Giant Mgmt!

leona t, May 05, 2019

A great hypermarket. It was bustling with people on a Saturday night. There are all sorts of things from household products to food to furniture. Some things are a good deal compared to other supermarkets. Checkout lines was also very fast.

Valerie Chua, May 04, 2019

Soooooo much fresh vegetables! And everything is affordable and yet good! Not only that, it has lots of varieties of different brands!

Lim Poh Teng, Apr 29, 2019

Very popular place to buy all your groceries. Seems to have everything you need. Have a free mind on parking. Parking is free every day. Best!!

Pang quee lan, Apr 07, 2019

good stocks. arrangement of merchandise has improved. food court quality has improved too. best is the free sheltered parking lots

Myo Min Swe, Mar 26, 2019

Spacious and cooling shopping mall, reasonably priced. Fresh vegetables and meat as well as seafood available. Accessible by shuttle bus from Tampines MRT Station

Joshua Hoe, Mar 06, 2019

The Walmart of Singapore. I at times go there for grocery shopping and decorations for the upcoming holidays, and i am completely satisfied. The different sections are clearly marked and well distributed, their pricing are reasonable, and the payment process is fast. Among all the supermarkets i have been to, this is definitely if not, one of the biggest markets in Singapore

keecheok khoo, Feb 19, 2019

Shuttle bus driver need training. When asked. Never answer, like we are begging for his free trip. I am referring to the 405pm trip to Bedok. Hope you train this thin driver some manners.

Chong Sze Young, Feb 09, 2019

Their toilet has got no soap still for 2 months already.. it's embarrassing for such a big well known store here... yup that's right you are looking at Giant Hypermarket... no hygiene at all. 8th Feb 2019 at this time of writing.

Vincent Lee, Jan 24, 2019

As the name implies, this store is huge! Their products from food to household items are fairly well organized with easy to read signage. They are priced fairly competitively and occasionally have giveaway for the purchase of certain products. I was on a hunt for several 3M products such as towel racks, hooks, and corner shelves and found all that I needed there at a good price. Got two pretty decent reverse-fold umbrellas for free with the purchase too!

Winny Ismianti, Jan 17, 2019

I love this place. We can found a lot of good grocery here. The price also reasonable. Love it.

Koh Kiat Seng Lonnie, Jan 11, 2019

Giant Tampines has lost its charms nowadays.. used to be quite a vibrant place for shopping but somehow it has become a normal neighborhood kind of supermarket.. Electrical n Electronic department has somehow shrunk and not much varieties now..

Martin Ng, Jan 04, 2019

I was at Giant Tampines a few weeks ago... I have no complaints and have a great shopping experience except on the electrical departments . i will suggest to the management of Giant that they should either take out all these departments that selling tv, fan etc out if they cannot control the quality of their sales person. Or maybe all these sales person are from that particular brand but I can sincerely tell you that at least one of them are quite low in service standards. I bought a fan from Giant, the sales lady was so eager to make the sales which I can truly understand and I also brought a fan from her. But after one week of using the fan, the remote control of the fan is not working. My wife went back to that department and ask that particular sales lady to ask for information on where can we get a new remote control. Please do take note , we only bought the fan recently only, if there is non working parts , we can asked for the warranty repair but as I know this type of device, very troublesome to ask for warranty repair thus I just told my wife to ask the sales lady where to get a new one. To my surprise and a shock of my life time.. i have never come across a sales person that make this type of comments.... firstly, she say she don know in a very rude way and just don want to entertain my wife, then she answer, go gain city to buy the remote control and lastly, which is the most shocking comments from her... she actually ask us to not use the remote control and just manually press the fan.... IN THE FIRST PLACE, WHY WE GOT A REMOTE CONTROL FAN IS BECAUSE WE DO NOT WANT TO MANUALLY PRESS THE FAN RIGHT ?!?!??!? Therefore, I will not say that I will not visit Giant anymore but then I think I will go other supermarket and will definitely will not visit Giant Tampines again.

FA TN, Dec 24, 2018

Lots of food, snacks and household items. Have all necessities. Good to walk around and shop.

Boris Choo, Dec 22, 2018

Shopping experience is great. Very huge supermarket. Can find everything u need here. Parking is free.

Soh Lay Eng, Dec 10, 2018

A great place to shop with mostly everything u need under 1 roof. The range of products are wide varying fr Housebrand to the expensive brands. Even the types of food offered are many to choose from. After shopping, there is a foodcourt catering sumptuous variety of food with reasonable prices. A place to go to occupy your day off.

Martini Ricki, Dec 06, 2018

After a family dinner at the food court beside giant, we browsed and ended up buying some household and foodstuff. However, the self checkout counters were manned by only one young inexperienced girl who was flustered having to attend to nonstop customer issues. Will definitely visit soon.

Baljot Singh Ranu, Dec 01, 2018

Wonderful experience. Lots of space to shop easily and very helpful staff

Richard Francis, Nov 25, 2018

Good choice of fresh fish at good prices. The staff were hair to prepare the fish well. Good price on Australian fresh beef too.

Chen Boon Goh, Nov 10, 2018

Good place to shop, especially when looking for fresh produce like vegetables, fruits, fish and bread. Look for for offers which is worth the price, most times. There is also a good court near by selling good cooked food at affordable prices.

Titus Lim, Nov 05, 2018

It's got all sorts of products and even a bakery, sushi takeout and cooked meat section! Only problem is the lack of cashiers. Everyone I visit, only 3/5 of the counters are staffed and the lines can stretch far into the isles.

D Yong, Oct 20, 2018

Free parking. Spacious and gigantic supermarket. Fresh, large variety and reasonably priced groceries.

Wendi Ng, Oct 11, 2018

Great buys for bundle deals. Wide variety of items from household to clothing to toys to fresh food items.

agnes OoiTan, Oct 10, 2018

As a hypermarket you are able to get practically everything you could think of. Love the section on household items where occasional sale of super cheap bargains abound as well as the outdoors activities section for bicycles, active wear etc. Another plus point - free parking all day !

Shakila A, Sep 26, 2018

It is definitely bigger than the other giant. It consists alot of things. From house appliances, electrical, food and etc. Whatever u name it u can find it there

R W, Sep 25, 2018

Huge hypermart with useful household items and economical storage solutions like shoe racks, book cases, shelves. Big grocery section with plenty of selection and good offers.

Aishah Mohamad Zain, Sep 08, 2018

Be it electrical appliances, groceries to clothing, you can basically get almost everything in one roof. There is also kopitiam that you could go to after shopping. There is also Guardian and 7eleven at ground floor. Parking is free.

Roslan Ali, Sep 04, 2018

I was here few years back around 2-3 years ago. The hyper market section where the vegetables, frozen food are is still appealing with variety of choices to choose. The electrical section has shrunk to a small section with its focus on water heaters, fans and air coolers. Nevertheless I still have a great time at Giant Hypermarket Tampines.

Apple Beetroot, Sep 02, 2018

Ample parking, HUGE store. Maybe the biggest in Spore. Next to Ikea store. No decent eatery though.

Atlas Tong, Aug 26, 2018

Literally giant supermarket. Free parking. Its quite a fun place to hangout. Dont forget the food court and level 1 vending machines and kids area. Do visit the nearby ikea and courts only if you have to. Will give 5 stars if the environment was more atas a bit.

Dhruv Thanki, Aug 16, 2018

Fantastic place. Anything you can think of you can get it here. From good food to clothes to e-scooters there is something here for everyone. And with cheap prices there is nowhere else you need to go.

beana60y, Jul 26, 2018

always seemingly cheaper than NTUC, especially for the large fruit and vegetables section. Priced to clear cherries and pastries are always a great buy. Tip is to go late near closing time.

Manu Gupta, Jul 23, 2018

Pretty much anything you want under one roof. Great deals on certain items. Quick checkout. Fresh fruits, veggies, and meats also.

Sham Abdullah, Jul 13, 2018

The largest Hypermarket in eastern part of Singapore, nestled between IKEA Tampines and Courts Megastore. Prices may not be the cheapest but it sure offer convenience. There's free bus service provided from various locations too. Open at 8 and closes at midnight.. Friday n Saturday close at 2am.

John You official Productions, Jul 05, 2018

huge hypermarket selling a variety of products,from the daily necessities to IT gadgets such as computers and even bicycles. Free shuttle bus service available from bedok,pasir ris and sengkang mrt stations hence making it very convenient to get there,parking slots are plenty too!

Angela Gaggino, Jul 01, 2018

Great selections of bakery, vegetables, food. However, needs to pay attention the prices, some of them can be very cheap, some aren't, so need to know the comparison when shopping. In general, it is a very spacious place for shopping, particular like the services of the staffs at the bakery, they are very helpful and friendly

Dingyi Lim, Jun 30, 2018

I had omelette rice there. It was lovely. There is a variety of choices.

WeiYu Chan, Jun 14, 2018

everything i need can be found here. free parking! closes late! what is not to love!

Mahesh Supramaniam, Jun 02, 2018

It's hot everything that you need but it's pricey. Not sure why but it's at least $0.20 - $0.70 difference if compared to other smaller neighbourhood Giant stores n NTUC. At times the fresh seafood are on sale and it's a lot cheaper compared to else where.

Ma-ku Gan, May 09, 2018

Because it's a mega mall, you find almost anything there. Besides the normal household foods and home utility accessories, you can also find women lingeries, assorted clothing (male and female) too. Electrical goods are plenty for you choose from. After paying, you can drop by the cafeteria which is next to Giant near the exit escalator and lift. Concept is similar to Kopitiam. Parking is free and lots of available lots. Nice place to shop for your grocery.

Rama R Selvan, May 08, 2018

Items are always out of stock. (Furniture wise) Good reasonable priced items. DIY furniture sold here. Huge mart that has almost everything you need. Car needs, stationary etc. Great place to grab discounted items. They have thwir own line of products.

Shankar Rajasekharan, May 07, 2018

A huge Hypermarket, this Giant has everything from household products to furniture to apparels. The products are reasonably priced. The freshly-baked bakery products are very tasty. There are free shuttles from Tampines MRT to this shop.

Deo Volente, Apr 26, 2018

A spacious hypermarket offering a wide variety of goods. Free parking. 1 stop shop for your groceries and household consumables needs.

Jonlyn Tan, Apr 22, 2018

Superb supermarket! I especially love the bakery their. The crossant, chocolate passtiries, baguette and the mini sugar donuts are my favourite! The prices at the supermarket are worth it and reasonable. It is really big soon I can find many things there. It also has a food court when I sometimes eat. Next to it their is a IKEA and a Courts, very convenient place to shop.

Themiya Bandara Weerasekara, Apr 12, 2018

As the name says it's a giant super market with all the things you need. Huge car park available. Food court, pharmacy and some small game consoles available near the entrance. Other side of the road from Ikea furniture store. Don't forget to bring a S$0.50 coin if you want a trolley. Food items, good collection of household electronic items, clothes and all other household items are available. No huge queues. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Chong KV, Mar 30, 2018

I love this mega supermarket, you can easily spend few hours walking around from food to electrical consumer items and more. Price were reasonable

Joelle Goh, Mar 29, 2018

It is a giantic giant hypermarket. I find the different vending machines on the ground floor interesting. Basically whatever you want to buy you can usually find it there.

Vermilion J, Mar 20, 2018

Always check your grocery bill before leaving. Been here 4-5 times and everytime my grocery bill has one erroneous price. Especially on promotional items. This time: Haagen Daz ice cream any 2 flavours at $23.95. I had to go through 8 different scans/ flavours to find only 4 qualify for the promo. Cashier told me "some flavours" don't qualify. If it's indeed Any 2 Flavours Promotion, what is this? Bad marketing? Bad storekeeping? Bad system?

Vodka Lim, Mar 18, 2018

Hypermarket like this always attracted crowds especially during rush hours and weekends. A place where you can get almost anything you need for your home. Do remember the queue can be quite long but during festive seasons. This is where you can get last minute shopping. There is a food court serving plenty of local food. Halal and vegetarian are available and usual serve till late around 9.30pm. Weekends and dining hours, tables are very limited. There are plenty of parking unless you shop there before festival. There is also a guardian for your pharmacy needs and 7-11 store at the ground floor. self vending machine are also available. If you are a pokemon go fan. It will good to know there is a lot of spawning there. Do get enough poke ball to catch them all :)

Duchess Dorcas, Mar 13, 2018

Having a Hypermarket is awesome. You can get almost everything in one place. Though, I wish Giant could improve on their fresh seafood product, because around 50% aren't really fresh. Cheaper but not as fresh. Location wise, moderately easy to go to with the free Shuttle Bus available from 3 different locations or by public buses. Carpark is easy to access and is usually full. Taxis are not much available at times.

hariharan satish, Jan 28, 2018

Huge complex A to Z u get there. Nice food court too. Children play arena. Indian provision not available though. Nice offers and fresh vegetables

Andrew Tng, Dec 04, 2017

I've always enjoyed shopping at this Tampines Giant Hypermarket. Lots of varieties and good products at very affordable price range. From household and electrical items to appallel to groceries all can be found there. It is a one stop shopping experience. There's a food court beside it if one is thirsty and hungry after the long shopping....... The sales persons are all very friendly and helpful ....and are able to assist in reserving your items for a few days at the information counter.